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Converse A Brand So Unique



Probably, one of the oldest shoe companies in the world, Converse started in 1908 as Converse Rubber Co. Its first line of basketball shoes was the All Star which up to this time is one of the world’s widely used hardcourt shoes. Converse went bankrupt in 1929 and bounced back to scene in 1929 when Eltra Corporation bought the company. In 1979, the company was again sold and bough by Allied Corporation and in 1982, was sold to a group of Allied Corp.’s senior managers. Two years after, Converse signed agreements with Zett Corp, Moon Star Chemical Corp. and Mizuno Corp. for the Japanese market of Converse.

In 1985, Converse got the approval of NBA as the association’s official shoe supplier. A year later, Interco Inc. acquired Converse. Converse wasn’t spared from ownership turnovers but the Converse footwear remained the staple pride of the company. Converse, Inc. produced more than 8 million pairs in 1998 with the Converse All-Star basketball as its flagship in the athletic footwear. Since then, Converse has began diversifying and ventured into the manufacture of rubber products, athletic shoes for different sports and several sports gears. All-Stars is the forerunner of all basketball shoes in the market today since its beginning, 91 years ago. Thus, Converse is considered a legendary icon in America’s basketball history.

Converse Shoes: Designs, Models and Features
Converse faced stiff competition and reduced its popularity in 1970 when competitors introduced the leather athletic shoes which replaced canvas-made shoes. The high performance shoes reportedly became instantly popular among many athlete with the new technology infused in the manufacture of the shoes. Converse was faced with the new challenge and soon it diversified and introduced its full-line athletic shoes.

The 80’s was a good decade for Converse when it introduced its running shoes, tennis leather shoes which were enjoyed by many at the time. Several other sports shoes were launched and consequently, the market expanded to include sporting apparel and gears. Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star Line was one of the favorites of many athletes cross cutting age and type of sport. Chuck Taylor was the first endorser of the All-Stars line and was named The Ambassador of Basketball.

In 1999, Converse made a breakthrough with the its Converse He:01 basketball shoes. The helium shoes used a different method in cushioning impact effects. Helium is held by a capsule in located in the midsoles.

Chuck Taylor All-Stars is a clear favorite among many Americans, young and old. Canvas is still the main material used in the manufacture of Chucks. Even if it isn’t much of a sport shoe today, the Chucks is legendary.

Converse Jack Purcells got its line name from world class badminton player Jack Purcells. The badminton sneakers are similar to the Chucks except for the “smile” signature.

Converse by John Varvatos is inspired by the designer himself and one of America’s high-end designer shoes.

Converse One Star is the low-end Converse shoe line compared to the All-Stars and the designer shoes by John Varvatos.

The latest Converse shoe lines are Converse Sea Star, Converse Weapon and the

Converse Today
What started 91 years, Converse continued the tradition of producing well-design structures of the Converse shoe lines. The company has established a robust market for its All-Stars basketball shoe lines which continues up to these days. A leading market footwear innovator, Converse shoes are well loved by athletes in various sporting fields, as well as the X and Y generation because of comfort and trendy designs fit for any activity. In 2003, Nike bought out Converse, but the Converse line remains swoosh-free even these days. The classic Chucks remains an icon.

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