This is an overview of some of the most-hyped, Sneaker releases in Europe. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for super rare Jordans, brand new Nikes or the next High-Fashion Adidas collaboration. Just like Car designers, with a the same models but different design across the globe or continent and different specs, shoe designer and doing the same collaborating with different designers around the globe putting out nicefreshkicks for fans from that region.

BEASTIN founded by designer duo Duki and Fu was an idea born from the love of Basketball in the 90s HipHop culture scene, powered by the passion for quality garments and based on true friendship. What started with a couple of graphic tees in 2008, quickly became a highly recognized brand that has been showcased by many international artists, athletes and tastemakers. it’s premium image has given the brand opportunities to collaborate with NiceFreshKicks designers like NIKE Sportswear, Cazal, Baracuta and many others.

This time another opportunity came knocking at the doors of Beastin  and a collaboration with another industry great Reebok to create its own version of the Reebok Pump Omni Lite.

The concept of first Beastin collabo called “Quite Storm” is based on the legendary Martini racing car design, fyi all familiar one fan of martini should wear this during any race and the famous sailing jackets from the hip-hop scene of the 90s. The team took the idea pursues it using a roadmap of quality and style from Beastin got it swag. It continue to mix and combine influences from the two continent , the States and Europe together.

The result is a design of a few funny gimmicks like a blue sweat suit and a beautiful colorful sailing jacket for the release.

The shoe on the other hand is definitely fresh, but personally i will love it in combination with the jacket an absolute “must-have”.

The official release will took place back in 17 October. The complete set of course there are directly in Beastin flagship store. Other selected dealers as 43einhalb or SNS will have the trainers at the start.  The Germans have done it again with style and design.

What is your opinion about the collabo?

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BEASTIN Reebok Pump Omni Lite

This is an overview of some of the most-hyped, Sneaker releases in Europe. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for super rare Jordans, brand new […]