Pastry Shoes

Looking like the flashy colors of a cake, Pastry shoes are the creations of Vanessa and Angela Simmons, daughters of hip-hop and rap icon Rev Run. The first Pastry shoes line launched in 2007 was the Cake Collection – which took inspiration from cakes such as the Red Velvet, Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Shortcake and Sprinkles. Pastry shoes are actually the regular athletic shoes but upscaled with eclectic colors that made them very trendy, unique and a girl stuff. The colors of the Pastry shoes are derived from the colors of many popular pastries seen everywhere – like chocolate cake, meringue, cookies and what-have-you. The shoe fashion of teens and kids is slanted towards the Pastry shoes – vibrant, flashy and upbeat.
Designs And Types Of Pastry Shoes¬†Pastry shoes have varied designs to cater to most teenage girls who have the fetish for fashion and urban living. The shoes are fairly priced and extremely colorful that the painter’s palette becomes its competitor.¬†Pastry athletic shoes are the stylish sneakers worn daily for comfortable street walking to compete with branded sneakers in almost similar designs. The materials that comprise the sneakers are of utmost quality and look lavish and extravagant. The popular hi-tops and low-tops match the runners style, while the multi-colored and multi-faceted basic canvas look very attractive and expensive, but not pricey. What distinguishes the Pastry from other brands is the sweet tasting brand name.

Pastry dress shoes are for those who love the nightlife, romping around in wedges and heels all in colorful patterns. The dress shoes are not far from the aesthetics of branded dress shoes in terms of style. Pastry has innovatively incorporated the sneakersinto the wedges or heels designs. These types of footwear give a dramatic effect especially with matched accessories to dress up for a cool night. The sweet things come in sugary models.

Pastry casual shoes are more elaborate than the Pastry athletic shoes but not as formal compared to the dress shoes. Chic and classy, the Pastry casual shoes can be dressed up or dressed down. They come in flats, boots and sandals and are perfect for any occasion.

Pastry Shoes Today
From 2007, Pastry shoes have stayed afloat in the market, captivating the excitement of teenage girls in every nook and cranny of the US. 2010 is the year of new sugary concoctions coming out of the Pastry kitchen such as the Solar Tart-Tuttifruitti, Krump Its-Black Cherry Bomb, Sire-Shortcake, Candy Pumps-Purple and Black, and the Pop Tart in deep purple.

Pastry shoes remain to be the teenage girls’ fave to kick the drab and get baptized into the world of glam and glamour. Retaining the original sugary level of Pastry shoes, little girls are beginning to show their fashion statements with the cutie pies. The Glam Pies are charmingly sweet and captivating, whether the hi-tops or the low-tops, there is a wide array of great berry flavors for infants, toddlers and the cutie pies.

Pastry shoes are seen to stay long in the fashion scene. Chill out and match the energy. Sneak into a pair of Pastry Shoes and sugar coat the appetite.


Sneak into a pair of Pastry Shoes

Looking like the flashy colors of a cake, Pastry shoes are the creations of Vanessa and Angela Simmons, daughters of hip-hop and rap icon Rev Run. […]