Air Force 1

From the streets of the Big Apple fashion is every thing especially during fashion week. Fans of Nicefreshkicks scout the street of SOHO and Manhattan in NYC for picture of the various sneaker style. Nike and Adidas top the list and here is the report that came out of that as well as pictures for you eyes.

A pair of shoe can either make or break an outfit regardless of the designer of style of your pant, shirt or dress, take a closer look are the sneakers in this article. This pass fashion wee in New York was a dedication to menswear, the turnout alone caused excitement to the masses, with some familiar faces n the sneaker world cropping up amongst other sneaker heads like editors and general fashionistas. A disproportionate amount of Raf Simons-designed sneakers were on display, including the Belgian creative’s take on the ever-popular adidas Stan Smtih. Another but unfamiliar kicks to the USA market is the coveted nicefreshkicks from Japan’s visvim and Hender Scheme that stole the show from the rest of the well know or should i say “regulars”. Nike Sock Dart maintain it’s continuous presence, alongside one of it’s last year’s most hyped releases, the Nike x Riccardo Tisci Air Force 1. Now New York fashion show might be the same with the Paris or, German, “European” show but take a close look and see how the Big Apple compared to Paris in terms of sneaker heads and their kicks.

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New York Men’s Fashion Week

From the streets of the Big Apple fashion is every thing especially during fashion week. Fans of Nicefreshkicks scout the street of SOHO and Manhattan in […]


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